Business apartments in Zug

10 Considerations for Choosing a Quality Business Apartment in Zug

Finding the best business apartments in Zug is surprisingly easy if a handful of metrics are taken into account. When we consider that Zug has is frequented by millions of visitors, making an informed decision is crucial.

Whether you're arriving in this city for business or pleasure, it pays to think ahead. What features should be addressed well in advance? Let us look at ten of the most important variables immediately below.

1. Location, Location, Location

The best business apartments in Zug should offer second-to-none levels of convenience in terms of where they are located. This is even more relevant if you are not overly familiar with the city and its unique nuances.

Serviced apartments found near the city center and public transportation hubs will take the guesswork out of your transportation concerns. This is even more relevant if you will be required to attend business meetings upon arrival. Being within close proximity of amenities is always helpful, too. A great location means extra time for you to relax and enjoy the city.

2. A Choice of Quality Serviced Apartments

Variety is the spice of life. This maxim is just as true when discussing serviced apartments. After all, different individuals will have different needs during their stay. This is why numerous options should be made available. Your choice of business apartment will depend on your specific criteria. Relevant factors include:

  • The number of beds.
  • The dimensions of the room.
  • Creature comforts.
  • The presence of a balcony.
  • Rooms equipped to handle a specific number of guests.

This is also why it is prudent to take a closer look at what each property has to offer. You will then be able to choose with a greater degree of clarity.

3. The Types of Amenities Included

While high-quality business apartments in Zug are certainly designed with functionality in mind, they should still be beautiful to behold. Comfortable furniture, a spacious ambience and panoramic views define a truly stunning location. An attractive artistic finishing touch in our suites is the presence of professional photographs.

Of course, amenities should also include everyday services that you have come to expect. Fully equipped bathrooms, minibars, room service and a secure means to store your valuables are signs of a high-quality property.

4. Amenable Reservation Possibilities

Zug has recently been ranked as one of the top cities in the world. This is in terms of its wealth and business opportunities (1). Unfortunately, this may present a slight problem in terms of booking a reservation.

An additional hallmark of a reputable business apartment involves a sense of flexibility when reserving a room. How many nights will you be able to stay? Can last-minute changes be made when required? Does the firm offer a user-friendly point-of-sale (POS) system? Will you be charged extra in the event of a cancellation? The most respected serviced apartments will make a point of catering to the needs of their guests.

5. Customer Reviews and Feedback

This is arguably one of the most important metrics to examine when narrowing your options down. Word of mouth is an excellent way to anticipate what can be expected in regard to the overall experience. Furthermore, third-party feedback will enable visitors to cut through any "fluff" associated with marketing campaigns. Here are some questions to address:

  • Have the majority of reviews been positive?
  • Are there any specific aspects which have been mentioned by numerous guests?
  • Does the property also post negative feedback?
  • How often are these reviews updated?
  • Does management make it a point to respond to complaints?

Considering the above will provide the insight and clarity required to make an informed decision.

6. Why is Client Support Important When Examining Business Apartments in Zug?

Gubelhof Suites is partially defined by our superior levels of customer support. Of course, this is another indication of a property that genuinely cares about the needs of its business guests. In the event that a question or concern suddenly arises, a representative should always be standing by.

Examine how many points of contact are offered. Ideally, guests should be provided with a means to contact a customer care specialist by telephone when needed. This could be via a dedicated telephone number or an online contact form.

7. What Types of High-Tech Gadgetry are offered by Business Apartments in Zug?

The very definition of a serviced apartment involves the ability to offer guests a plethora of modern technological amenities. Examples will often include flat-screen televisions, free wireless access, electronic key cards and a fully equipped kitchen. After all, nothing should be left to chance in terms of convenience.

Thankfully, a bespoke selection of modernised rooms is provided by the team at Gubelhof Suites. These include styles such as:

  • Soft Luxury
  • Chill Out
  • Cosy Plus
  • Two-Bedroom Suites
  • Two-Bedroom Suites Plus

9. Reliable Cleaning Services

How often will the serviced apartments be cleaned? Business travellers tend to lead hectic lives. Thus, it only stands to reason that regular maintenance is included within a standard rental agreement. Cleaning services offer convenience and time saving for business guests.

It is also wise to learn more about what these services entail. While laundry and linen are frequently provided, what about customised options such as ironing and dry cleaning? It is wise to consult with one of our representatives to learn more.

10. Ample On-Site Security Measures

Business apartments in Zug should always boast ample security features. Although we already mentioned the presence of lockboxes within the rooms, other options must be present. These can include individual key fobs, CCTV systems, 24-hour surveillance and private parking garages.

Are you planning to arrive with family members? Or perhaps you require additional security measures. If this is the case, you can speak with the management. They may be able to provide extra services, such as on-site storage for your valuables.

Personalised Business Apartments in Zug: Choose Your Coach

We can now see that selecting the most appropriate business apartments in Zug will require a bit of research. Thankfully, Gubelhof Suites is the most logical solution when nothing except the best will suffice.

Are you planning to visit this amazing city in the near future? Have you been less than satisfied with generic serviced apartments in the past? If so, please take a moment to contact us directly. We will be pleased to answer any additional questions that you may have or to help you book a reservation.