Serviced Apartment Zug

What Can You Expect from a Serviced Apartment in Zug?

Serviced apartments in Zug are one of many reasons why a growing number of travelers choose to visit this city. Maybe you are planning an upcoming holiday in Zug. Or, perhaps you are arriving here for business purposes.

In either case, the ability to tap into the lap of luxury has never been easier. However, some individuals are still not aware of what these types of accommodations offer. Therefore, let us take some time to examine the basics before moving on to discuss the finer points. 

What Key Features Define a Serviced Apartment in Zug?

There are several reasons why these types of residences are often preferred over more generic lodging options. As the title already suggests, a serviced apartment in Zug will offer guests many personalized amenities. For this reason, these kinds of apartments are often referred to as a "home away from home".

Another primary advantage involves the level of attention that guests can expect to receive from staff members. Unlike franchised and some boutique hotels, serviced accommodations aim to satisfy even the most demanding tastes.

These are several reasons why a serviced apartment in Zug could represent the most logical choice. This is particularly true if you hope to enjoy your stay in style. So what other features have allowed these unique competitions to rise head and shoulders above the local competition?

A Sense of Privacy

One issue that confounds hotel guests over the years is the sheer number of others staying on the same premises. It can easily lead to a stressful situation for anyone hoping to relax and unwind. Thankfully, the serviced apartments in Zug offer superior levels of privacy and discretion. If you plan to arrive with children, this will be more relevant.

This bespoke sense of privacy is combined with a kaleidoscope of creature comforts. Thus, little is left to the imagination in terms of much-needed tranquility. This is true if you plan on booking a one-room luxury apartment. Additionally, if you require a larger space to accommodate co-workers, you can expect a peaceful sanctuary.

Competitive Pricing Packages

One lesser-known fact about many of the serviced apartments in Zug is that their prices can be up to 20 per cent less when compared to a traditional hotel. Of course, this may depend upon other factors, such as the type of room required and the time of the year.

As if these savings were not impressive enough, guests will also not fall victim to hidden fees and surcharges. These are often associated with franchised properties. This is because all the "extras", such as fully stocked bathrooms and minibars, are included within the initial rate. Thus, guests will always get what they have paid for.

An additional advantage comes in the form of more flexible rental options, such as more extended stays. While serviced apartments can be used for short-term requirements, they are often reserved for one month or more. Hotels are not normally able to address such needs. They tend to be focused on attracting new guests regularly.

Do you need to remain for an indeterminate amount of time? A serviced apartment in Zug could represent the most fiscally logical solution in this case.

Convenient Locations

Some travelers may not be entirely familiar with Zug and the surrounding regions. Thus, renting a property far from the city center makes little sense. Logistics can also be a nightmare for anyone not used to public transportation options.

Once again, serviced apartments in Zug aim to please. They are found within close proximity to major transportation hubs and tourist attractions. Likewise, many will provide additional conveniences, such as on-site coffee shops or restaurants.

Perhaps you wish to see the sights of Zug with your family. You could instead be required to attend a business seminar. In any case, logistics should never be called into question. This is why serviced premises are powerful solutions.

Modern Technology at your Immediate Disposal

One well-known aspect of serviced apartments involves the creature comforts and high-tech amenities that guests can enjoy. Here are some common options:

  • Free access to wireless Internet services
  • Fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms
  • Flat-screen televisions and user-friendly entertainment centers
  • Applications to confirm check-in and check-out dates
  • An on-site launderette

Note that these are only a handful of examples. It is wise to contact a representative directly to better appreciate what features are offered.

Ideal for Business Stays

We have already touched upon the notion of a guest who chooses a serviced apartment in Zug for business-related purposes. What are some of the other reasons why this is arguably the most logical solution?

One advantage involves the types of rooms that can be chosen. For instance, it is possible to select suites that are equipped with built-in offices. If you are in Zug on business, these offices represent fully functional solutions. Host a meeting with corporate partners, schedule a webinar, or simply mull over data associated with a recent transaction effortlessly.

Hotels do not always offer such options. In the rare event that the hotel does provide such amenities, they may need to be shared with other guests. Indeed, they are likely to come at an additional price. This is problematic for those governed by strict budgets or time frames.

Will Serviced Apartments in Zug Offer Superior Guest-Employee Interaction?

We have already mentioned some of the creature comforts attributed to serviced apartments in Zug. However, what about customer relations? Many hotels are known for their rather generic approaches when dealing with guests. This is certainly not the case regarding more specialized properties.

Serviced apartments often rely upon word of mouth for a positive brand reputation. This arises from their second-to-none attention to detail concerning guests’ needs. Staff members are happy to address any questions that you may have. They might also provide additional options, such as suggesting the most popular tourist attractions. Expect to be treated like a king (or queen).

All About Paying Attention to the Finest of Details

These are some of the many reasons why choosing a serviced apartment in Zug is an ideal strategy. Whether you're planning a short-term visit or are staying for a longer time, you will not be disappointed.

Do you wish to learn more or confirm a reservation at The Gubelhof Suites? If so, feel free to contact us and choose your coach today. We will be happy to provide further assistance.