Each of our suites is furnished with fantastic photographs by famous local artists. Come and see them!

Britta Dietsche

Swiss artist Britta Dietsche has been developing her personal style over the past 30 years. Her passion for new media, digital artwork and photography merges in her Collages, which all represent elements of contemporary society. The representation of women in current media is often a subject of the artists work, as well as time and different temporalities. She always works in series, whereby each work has its own effect and yet interacts with the row. The collages question the portrayal of femininity in the media. Britta lives with her husband and her two children in Switzerland.


Christian Bobst


Lake Retba is located 30 kilometres outside of Dakar, Senegal. Due to its peculiar colour, it is also called Lac Rose (Rose Lake). It is so strongly saturated with salt, that the mineral sinks to the bottom of the lake. Anyone has the right to harvest this salt, because the lake is common property. In order not to disturb the delicate ecological balance, the salt must be obtained by hand. With spades, baskets and boats the salt miners collect the valuable mineral from the bottom of the lake. Once the boats are loaded and have reached the shore, women from neighbouring villages carry the freight in plastic buckets to higher grounds. The salt is then piled up and formed into small mountains. The best quality of salt from Lac Rose is sold to gourmet restaurants and retailers all over the world at 36 USD per kilo.

Thomas Biasotto


It can change quickly – the weather in the mountains. But not only the weather, also the light. It is the light that creates this irresistible attraction, that lets us pause in ecstasy, cheer enthusiastically, take with us unforgettable pictures. But this magic can end within the shortest time, and all becomes flat and dull.

With the wish to visualise my love to the mountains I keep on touring the Alps. About two and a half thousand kilometres walk, 150 tours, just for this series. Equipped with several cameras and lenses, a sleeping bag, outdoor clothing, emergency supplies, water. Always attuned to a 24 hours observation, I wait for this one moment that I want to catch for the picture.

Nora Dal Cero

Nora Dal Cero (*1985) looks for opposites. Quiet and noise. Loneliness and sociable hustle and bustle. Tragedy and comedy. And finds all this during travelling. Her works always exude a fine sense of humour.

The pictures of the exhibition were taken in Berlin and Miami. Nora Dal Cero's photographs show that nature and the city do not necessarily fight each other, but are even intertwined now and then.

The photographer’s love of travelling and discovering new places was already put into her cradle: Nora Del Cero, having British-Italian roots, already spent her childhood in the metropolis of art and culture in Barcelona and in various cities in Switzerland. Later, an artist’s scholarship let her to Berlin. Today she lives and works in Zurich. After her education in advertising photography, Nora started her own business in 2008. She divides her time between classic advertising orders with well-known clients and her own artistic work, which she has exhibited regularly in galleries for ten years.

Fabian Häfeli

How do we handle food? How do we wrap it, change it, create convenience products, measure it, weigh it and create norms for it? With these food series Fabian Häfeli wants to make the viewer think about what value food has in today’s society.

Already as a child, Fabian Häfeli was fascinated by photography. And quickly he developed a passion for it – he was called to be a photographer. His career began at F+F Schule für Kunst where he completed the course for photography and studied media design. Thanks to his interest in persons and food, he decided to specialise in food photography and became self-employed.

Johannes Dellian


There are many ways to say hello. It's the first word we usually say when we meet someone, either known or unknown. Every hello can be the beginning of another story, another adventure, and another friend. For me, every new beginning and change to the status quo means excitement. Change of location, change of point of view, change of thought, change of mind - whatever it is. When I travel I experience a feeling of freedom of thought, the creation of a mental blank canvas, an experience that allows me to recover from daily life, and to explore myself and my environment from a new perspective. This feeling is empowering and enables me to generate fresh thoughts, motivation and creativity. It is the source of inspiration and the content of my photography at the same time. My objective is to capture these moments of freedom with my camera.

Johannes Dellian (*1988). Self-employed photographer, traveler, consultant. Autodidact. University studies in Regensburg, St Andrews and Oxford. After having lived in Germany, UK and Norway, Johannes lives and works in Zürich since 2015.


Jürgen Birchler

Poetry and sublime beauty – the beauty of transience – the mat darkness of a dema-terialized background. The flowers and petals appear to be floating in front of this scenery. Like jellyfish, effortlessly and weightless, in front of the dark depth of the ocean. Due to the withdrawal of water, the petals of the chrysanthemum and the calla lily appear to be wrestling for life. The choice of the floral motives is due to a passion for the flower. Free from experimental production elements, this series can be placed between illusionism and naturalism. A hint of magic lets the viewer doubt reality. A homage to the Dutch and Flemish stilllife artists of the Renaissance and a world that leaves the commercial colourfulness of flower clichés far behind.

Jacqueline Lipp

Show a personal view on the city that many know or believe to know. Parts of the city that have their own character and are still part of the unique flair of New York.

In this series I show selected facets of this pulsating city. Facets that show the well-known New York and yet in their dynamism and simplicity my very own perspective.

Jaqueline Lipp (*1987) was born in Lucerne and absolved an apprenticeship as a graphic designer. Already as a trainee she specialised herself in digital photography. She is working as a freelancer for fashion, beauty and lifestyle brands.

Sylvan Müller


«Sumimasen ga, kono oriori no namae o kaite ittdakemaska?»

«Ottesu o okake schimasu ga, konno riori no, sairio to zukurikatta o, kaite ittadakemaska?»

These questions are written on small pieces of paper, laminated in plastic foil. They are Sylvan Müller’s most important travel companions on his trip though Japan. They should open him the doors to the kitchens of the country. «What is this, what am I eating?», it says in a phonetic transcription, or «Can I speak to the cook?», or «How is this dish prepared?»

Apart from the photographies for a Japanese cook book, Sylvan created a series of pictures documenting his trip though the country.

Boris Müller

Müller was born 1973 in Zurich, finished highschool in 1992 and worked as a bouncer, billposter, barkeeper, guitar teacher and night porter. He studied at the Academy of Contemporary Music (guitar), finished a bachelor’s degree in social work in 2001 and worked for 10 years at «Streetwork», Zurich, with street people in need. Since 2004, he is the guitarist of the band «Karaoke form Hell» with whom he gave over 600 concerts. Since 2011 he works as a photojournalist at the Zurich-based newspaper «Tages-Anzeiger». He created the photo blog ZOOM at, and describes himself as an autodidactic, freelance photographer. Clients: Andreas Caminada (Swiss 3-Michelin star chef), Tages-Anzeiger, Salt, Rockstar magazine and many others.

Ferit Kuyas

I take photographs of cities since more than twenty years, because I am very interested in the urban world. Today, more than half of the people live in densely populated – urban – territories and my fascination for these areas grows continuously. Depending on the project, I focus on the habitat or the people. At the moment, I take photographs in cities that are not that well known yet, but that gain more and more significance.

The pictures shown here are from the series City of Ambition and Aurora, both have been published as books.

Ferit Kuyas (*1955). Self-employed photographer, artist, teacher and curator. Autodidact. Studied jurisprudence at the University of Zurich from which he graduated in 1982. Lives and works in Ziegelbrücke, Switzerland.