City Center Apartment

Your Guide to Encountering the Most Appropriate City Center Apartment

Find the best city center apartment in Zug by following these helpful tips and prepare yourself for a successful property search with The Gubelhof Suites.

According to recent statistics, more than 275,000 tourists visit Zug on an annual basis. Some arrive for business while others for pleasure. Regardless of the reasons, finding a city center apartment will make the most out of any stay.

There are still several factors to consider. For example, what types of properties can visitors select? Are there any advantages associated with being close to the city center? Which amenities serve to define a high-quality rental apartment? These are some of the issues that we will discuss immediately below.

What Types of City Center Apartments are Available? 

Apartments come in all shapes and sizes. Still, the exact configurations and options can be broken down into a handful of categories:

  • Short-term rentals
  • Mid- to long-term properties
  • Boutique hotels (such as B&B establishments)
  • Franchised chains
  • Serviced apartments

The first general step involves logistics. What type of property will best suit your needs? For instance, short-term locations (such as hostels) may be better for an overnight stay. Franchised properties are instead often associated with all-inclusive travel plans.

Serviced city center apartments are the most popular options. However, there are still some factors to take into account before making a final decision. Let's first examine what to look for when choosing the right property. We will then discuss the benefits that guests can enjoy when staying at The Gubelhof Suites.

Top Tips for Choosing an Apartment in the City Center

While many apartments in the city center are convenient, other factors must be examined. Here are some questions to address in advance:

  • Are staff members available on a 24/7 basis?
  • What ensuite amenities can guests enjoy?
  • Is it possible to choose an apartment for business-related purposes?

The issue here is that generic hotels may not offer truly personalized services. Therefore, guests might be provided with less-than-optimal experiences.

Another factor involves privacy. While an apartment in the city center is convenient, it might not always offer the seclusion that you require. This is even more relevant when traveling with your family. Any distractions might take away from what would have otherwise been a pleasant stay.

Let's also highlight the time limits associated with some rental agreements. Most franchised city center apartments are geared toward short-term stays. This can present an issue for those who plan to stay in Zug for an extended duration. Therefore, it is wise to determine if the property offers any long-term contractual options.

Finally, be sure to examine the property's physical location in advance. Is it close to public transportation services? The same holds true in regard to restaurants, sightseeing, and similar tourist attractions. Other variables, such as private parking and nearby shopping facilities, may also be relevant here. Of course, these will often depend on individual preferences.

Why Work With the Team at The Gubelhof Suites When Choosing a City Center Apartment?

We have now explored some of the main concerns when looking for a city center apartment. So, why do guests of The Gubelhof Suites continue to gravitate toward our unique rental options? A handful of takeaway points should be mentioned.

A wide range of options

We are well aware that each of our guests has specific tastes. This is why we offer a choice of 20 different rooms. Each boasts its own unique ambiance, so no two experiences will ever be alike.

For example, those who wish to repose in style can choose our Cosy Plus one-bedroom apartments. Families arriving in Zug may instead leverage the power of a studio equipped with 52 square meters of space. The main goal is to offer superior levels of comfort without compromising quality.

Modern amenities for equally modern times

Anyone who has ever rented an apartment lacking basic amenities knows how frustrating such a situation can be. This scenario will leave a poor impression and sometimes even impact the trip itself. The staff members at Gubelhof Suites are here to ensure that this never occurs.

Our aim is to provide what can only be called a "home away from home." How is such a goal accomplished? The answer involves equipping each apartment with a host of cutting-edge resources. Examples include:

  • Flat-screen digital televisions
  • Complimentary access to high-speed wireless internet
  • Fully equipped kitchens and bathrooms
  • Ensuite washing machines and dryers
  • Electric sun blinds
  • Safes for storing valuable items

Simply stated, nothing is left to chance when renting a Gubelhof city center apartment.

Functional working spaces

Zug has become an important European business hub, and this quality attracts countless professionals. Perhaps you will be arriving for work-related purposes. In this case, The Gubelhof Suites has you covered.

Our selection of home offices will provide guests with a combination of functionality and convenience. Not only are these equipped to handle business-related requirements, but they also boast a significant level of privacy. This allows you to accomplish important tasks before heading out to discover all Zug has to offer.

Flexible and accommodating staff

One of the keys to our success involves an ability to address the needs of every guest. This is not always the case when dealing with larger franchises or chains. This is also why the majority of our guests choose The Gubelhof Suites when returning to Zug.

The main takeaway here is that clients should always be treated as if they are family members. Such flexibility is not limited to rental options alone. We are happy to offer advice in terms of sightseeing, local restaurants, or parks popular with children. This approach will help take the guesswork out of any holiday.

Gubelhof City Center Apartments: A Centralized Sense of Comfort

There is no doubt that all of the attributes outlined above serve to define The Gubelhof Suites. However, customized rental packages are arguably the most important factor. Targeted solutions always await individuals, business travelers, and families on vacation.

Do you wish to learn more about downtown Zug? Might you be planning a trip in the near future? Are you curious to speak with a representative in regard to a serviced apartment? If so, contact us and choose your personal coach today. The Gubelhof Suites will address your tastes and preferences, from short-term excursions to long-term rentals.