Studio Apartments in Zug

Studio Apartments in Zug: Eight Features to Look For

Studio apartments in Zug are some of the most popular rental options for several reasons. They are often ideal for those who are travelling alone. Their smaller size is likewise suited for those on a limited budget. Since many studio apartments are located near the city center, they are also quite convenient.

However, it can still be difficult to know what to look for in a quality rental option. Therefore, the team at The Gubelhof Suites has put together a handful of professional suggestions. Let us look at eight features that are associated with reputable studio apartments in Zug.

1. Why is Vertical Space Important When Selecting Studio Apartments in Zug?

As highlighted in by US News & World Report, space is often at a premium within studio apartments. While this is a practical measure, there are times when the interior can begin to feel cramped.

One way to avoid such an issue is to rent a studio that offers ample vertical space. There are two reasons behind this strategy. First, vertical space provides an open-air appeal from an aesthetic perspective. Secondly, higher ceilings allow more light in and increase interior air circulation.

2. Storage Concerns 

Will you be staying in Zug for a handful of days? Perhaps you instead require long-term accommodations. In either of these scenarios, storage space is another issue to address well in advance. High-quality studio apartments in Zug should be outfitted with targeted options.

These can come in the form of vertical shelving, closets and even beds that provide a hidden set of drawers. It is wise to take an inventory of your personal property to determine if there is space in the apartment. If not, it may be possible to secure off-site storage alternatives.

3. Hybrid Work Options

A growing number of studio apartments in Zug are doubling as home-based offices. Therefore, your ultimate choice should also be based on pragmatism. Does the property in question support business-related activities? Here are some questions to answer:

  • Are you provided with high-speed internet access?
  • Are ambient noise levels agreeable?
  • Is there sufficient lighting?
  • Does the size of the studio permit meetings when required?

Of course, not all studio apartments in Zug have been created equally. This is why the professionals at The Gubelhof Suites are pleased to offer targeted solutions. Our selection of modern working spaces will address your bespoke business-related needs while abroad.

4. Appliances

Many renters believe that smaller living spaces are automatically associated with miniature appliances. On the contrary, this sacrifice does not always have to be made. It is normally best to choose a property that offers standard equipment, such as full-sized refrigerators and stoves.

There may also be times when you are provided with a built-in launderette or a dishwasher. While not as common, it is still a good idea to keep an eye out for such options. These will undoubtedly lead to a more comfortable overall experience.

5. Location

There are a plethora of studio apartments in Zug to choose from. As mentioned previously, many of these are found conveniently close to the city center. Still, always determine the exact location in terms of practical issues, such as public transportation and other essential amenities. This is even more relevant if you will be arriving without a personal vehicle.

There are several benefits associated with this approach. It is much simpler if you plan on travelling around the city. Others can likewise find where you are located with ease. Finally, major tourist attractions will be found within proximity. This is important if you wish to experience all that Zug has to offer.

6. What Types of Amenities do Studio Apartments in Zug Offer?

There is no reason why you should be forced to sacrifice comfort when choosing studio apartments in Zug. This is when the presence of modern amenities will come into play. One hallmark of a high-quality location involves the types of amenities offered to a guest.

At The Gubelhof Suites, we take these concerns quite seriously. This is why our serviced properties are equipped with several modern features, including (but not limited to):

  • Free Wi-Fi access
  • Flat-screen televisions and cutting-edge entertainment systems
  • Fully equipped bathrooms and kitchens
  • Automatic window blinds
  • A washing machine and a dryer

Of course, it may be possible to obtain additional services in accordance with your needs. If you wish to learn more about our serviced apartments and their amenities, please give us a call.

7. Hygiene

Thanks to the recent pandemic, we are all aware of the importance of hygiene. This is particularly relevant in relation to studio apartments in Zug. Nothing should be left to chance in regard to sanitation. Furthermore, a clean studio apartment is another sign that the company takes the safety of its guests seriously.

Ask if it is possible to perform a walkthrough before committing to any type of contractual agreement. Examine the condition of the bathroom, kitchen and any on-site upholstery. Find out how often the apartment is professionally cleaned. This is another great way to avoid any unexpected surprises.

8. Rental Options

Zug is an extremely popular city for tourists and professionals alike. If you are staying here for business-related purposes, a long-term rental may be warranted. Keep in mind that not all studio apartments provide this option. As a result, you may be forced to switch locations during your stay.

As opposed to enduring such logistical challenges, opt for a property that provides flexible rental periods. For instance, The Gubelhof Suites is happy to accommodate stays of one month or longer. Therefore, you will feel as if you are truly living in a "home away from home".

Studio Apartments in Zug: More Than Meets the Eye

While there are certain variables to consider, choosing the best studio apartments in Zug is not a complicated process. These eight suggestions should help to point you in the right direction.

For assistance with your apartment search, you can choose your coach by contacting one of our customer service representatives. We offer a wide array of serviced properties that have been designed to the highest of standards. Why settle for anything less than the very best? Feel free to speak with us at your convenience.