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Six things to consider before moving into a new apartment

Moving into a new apartment can be daunting. An apartment should meet your needs while making you feel at home. There are lots of things to consider when picking somewhere to live, from the location to the space and amenities. This list of six essential things will help you find the right place.

If you are looking for an apartment in Zug, The Gubelhof Suites offers stylish units in the heart of the city. Our comfortable apartments deliver privacy and personalized service in a boutique hotel setting.

Six considerations for your new apartment 

Here are six essential questions you should ask yourself when choosing a new apartment.

How much space do I need?

When picking your new apartment, a top consideration is the amount of space. Cluttered or insufficient spaces can negatively impact your well-being. Additional rooms are also essential if you live with friends or family.

Before picking a new apartment, consider what you will bring with you and how much space you need. Think about whether additional bedrooms are needed. At the same time, you should also think about how much space you might need longer-term. For example, your new apartment should have extra space to accommodate new belongings.

Do I need a serviced apartment?

Many apartments give you a place to live without much else. This means it is up to you to keep your unit clean and maintained. On the other hand, serviced apartments offer convenient perks, like laundry and cleaning services.
These services keep you on track if you are on the go or do not have time for daily chores. Serviced apartments will offer these types of services daily or on request.

What amenities do I need?

Not all units have the same amenities. Common in-unit amenities include washing machines and dryers and Wi-Fi internet. Some apartments also have shared amenities, like a parking garage, swimming pool and entertainment spaces.
Before searching for an apartment, make a list of the essential amenities you need. You can then compare these with what is offered by the property. This will help you narrow down your choices and eventually pick the right place for you.

Where do I want to live?

Location is one of the more important considerations when you are picking a new apartment. You might want to live close to work or family members. You might also want convenience, including easy access to public transit. The best location will depend on your individual preferences and needs.
When picking a new apartment, consider where the unit is in terms of work, school and other essentials you require. This might be, for example, a gym, parking or public transit links. A centrally located apartment also gives you easier access to resources and amenities, including dining options.

What is the pet policy?

Some apartments do not allow pets. If you have a pet, this will be a major consideration. You do not want to find the perfect new apartment and not be able to move in with your pet. Always check the apartment’s pet policy before committing to a new place.


What are the costs?

Rent is often one of the biggest expenses you have each month. When choosing a new apartment, you need to ensure you can afford it. You should consider living costs in Zug when deciding how much rent is appropriate for you.
You also need to think about additional costs for your apartment. These include everything on top of your rent, from internet and television fees to water and electricity bills. The good thing about serviced apartments is that these costs are typically included in the rent.


Choose The Gubelhof Suites for your new apartment

Our serviced apartments provide a comfortable space with luxurious furnishings and character-filled details. From wooden flooring to inviting colours, each detail is intended to create a welcoming new home for you. Units also feature modern appliances for everyday essentials, whether you need to do laundry or prepare a meal.
The Gubelhof Suites is centrally located in the heart of Zug. Your new home is conveniently placed between the main train station and the Metalli shopping centre. You will be within short walking distance of great restaurants and bars. If you love the outdoors, there are also plenty of recreational opportunities nearby at Zugersee and Zugerberg.

Apartments at The Gubelhof Suites

The Gubelhof Suites have a range of luxury apartments. Units are designed with modern furnishings and stylish details, and they are available in various sizes to meet your needs.
Room options include:

  • Studio: Open-plan units with living, dining and sleeping areas available with 40 or 52 square metres.
  • Chill Out: One-bedroom apartments with 53 square metres featuring an open-plan layout with living and dining areas, plus a large terrace.
  • Cosy Plus: One-bedroom apartments with 59 square metres featuring colourful and playful details, plus a balcony overlooking the city.
  • Soft Luxury: Spacious one-bedroom apartments with 70 square metres featuring floor-to-ceiling windows and a roomy balcony.
  • Two-Bedroom Suite: Apartments with 80 to 103 square metres featuring bright dining and living areas, plus a spacious terrace in most units.


Services at The Gubelhof Suites

With only 20 apartments at our boutique hotel, The Gubelhof Suites delivers a personalized experience. Our friendly staff are ready to address any request, whether you want to rent a bike or need fresh flowers. Any question is dealt with professionally and promptly.
If needed, you can request daily cleaning for your new apartment. You can also request breakfast in the morning. Convenient laundry and ironing services are available whenever you are busy and require assistance. Wi-Fi internet is available, ensuring you remain connected throughout your stay.

Facilities at The Gubelhof Suites

Our guests have access to convenient facilities, including on-site garage parking. This can be requested when booking your new apartment and is available at an extra fee. We are also a pet-friendly property. Simply let us know that you are bringing a pet when you make your reservation.
If you need a caffeine boost or a snack, Kaffee Frech is the place to be. Our trendy café has a diverse menu of coffee and non-coffee options. This beautiful space is ideal for working, meeting or relaxing away from your apartment. The menu also boasts a selection of delicious avocado toast and waffle creations.

Find your new apartment at The Gubelhof Suites

The Gubelhof Suites delivers personalized service that aims to meet your needs. Each unit is also designed to give you everything you need during your stay. If you are looking for an apartment in Zug, book your stay at The Gubelhof Suites or contact us.