Finding an apartment in Zug

Finding an Apartment in Zug: 5 Things to Consider

Do you wish to find a new apartment in Zug? Are you also hoping to avoid needless hassles and stress? If so, there are many factors to take into account. The only issue here is that many individuals are uncertain about where to begin.

The Gubelhof Suites team appreciates that locating a high-quality property can be challenging. This is why we have put together a handful of essential suggestions to keep in mind. Let us examine five practical tips to ensure you can avoid mistakes along the way. 

1. Why is Location Important When Selecting a New Apartment in Zug?

Location is a common concern when discussing any type of real estate opportunity. Owners often wish to be close to public services and similar everyday amenities. So, it is crucial to examine exactly where the apartment is situated. This is even more relevant when discussing cities such as Zug. 
Therefore, make it a point to perform a bit of online research. Where is the apartment located, and what services are found nearby? Critical metrics include public transportation options, restaurants and shopping centres. Simply stated, it is better to leave nothing to chance. 
Thus, it stands to reason that The Gubelhof Suites is centrally located within the city centre. Whether referring to bus services, a day at the park, or a night out on the town, convenience is king.

2. The Length of Your Stay

The price of a Zug apartment will often revolve around how long you plan on staying. Serviced properties are the best choice if you're staying in the city for an extended period. Rental options are flexible and long-term stays will often result in impressive discounts. Of course, you will also not be forced to change locations. 
This is also quite important in terms of sheer convenience. Short-term properties will often require that you renew a contract. Some might not even permit back-to-back reservations as they wish to obtain new business. Always read the associated terms and conditions if you plan a long-term holiday or an extended business trip. 

3. What Types of Amenities Does the Apartment Offer?

This is a very common concern and warrants a fair amount of attention. Any modern apartment in Zug should provide comfort and convenience. Unfortunately, not all properties have been created equally. Appreciating what amenities will be included in the pricing package is crucial. Let's examine some options that should be offered as standard features.

Electronic Gadgets

We have all become accustomed to wireless internet, flat-screen televisions and laundry cleaning services. Whether planning a short- or long-term stay, determine whether these variables are present. If not, it might be better to look elsewhere.

Toiletries and Bathroom Accessories 

High-quality serviced apartments in Zug contain all necessary toiletries so that guests will not have to purchase any items separately. These also include physical features, such as bathtubs and walk-in showers. After all, guests should never be forced to sacrifice cleanliness during their stay. 

Kitchen Supplies

And speaking of convenience, kitchens are crucial when selecting a new apartment in Zug. Otherwise, you might be required to spend additional funds in order to stock items that should already be present. The Gubelhof Suites once again aims to please in this respect. 
Whether renting our Chill-Out apartment or professional working space, each kitchen is fully stocked. This will save guests a trip to the store and enable them to focus on other important priorities.

Bespoke Furniture

What kind of furniture will the apartment have? Perhaps more importantly, what is its physical condition? Poorly maintained furniture is a sure sign that other problems are likely to come to light. Therefore, a new apartment in Zug should be equipped with modern furniture.  
Of course, the exact configuration will be based on your situation. Ask about the available options to better appreciate what the property can provide. This is even more relevant if you plan on arriving with friends or family members.

4. The Choice of Rooms

Any new apartment in Zug should cater to the unique needs of its guests. Whether arriving for business or pleasure, flexibility is key in this sense. For instance, fully equipped working spaces are ideal for professionals. Likewise, two-bedroom suites are designed to accommodate the needs of families.  
We are not only referring to the physical dimensions of the rooms in this sense. Other features should be taken into account. Examples include: 

  • Interior decor 
  • Natural light 
  • The presence of a balcony or a terrace 
  • The type of flooring 
  • Climate-control options, such as heating and air conditioning

The Gubelhof Suites has gone to great lengths to ensure that flexibility is never taken for granted.

5. The Personal Touch

Physical conveniences are only one facet of the overall decision-making process. The anticipated experience is just as important. This often revolves around the type of customer service that you can expect to enjoy.  
Ideally, selecting a property that caters to personal tastes is best instead of merely providing generic solutions. Staff members should be friendly, personal and willing to offer additional advice when needed. This is even more relevant if you happen to be visiting Zug for the first time.  
Therefore, it is wise to take a look online and read the reviews of previous patrons. Did they enjoy a positive experience? Which specific aspects of their stay were highlighted? Were there any negative aspects? If so, would these affect your final decision? It is always prudent to obtain feedback from others. 
We need to remember that any Zug apartment places a great deal of focus on marketing. Unfortunately, some campaigns can be slightly misleading in regard to what they have to offer. Seeking objective opinions is an excellent way to discern the best new apartments in Zug.

Why Work with Our Team When Securing a New Apartment in Zug? 

The Gubelhof Suites has been providing quality serviced apartments since 2018. During this time, our team has made it a point to remain ahead of the competition. We are located conveniently close to the city centre, and guests can select from various types of different rooms. All these are outfitted with modern amenities, so comfort is never questioned.  
However, we also believe that developing personal relationships represents the key to long-term success. Our staff members are always happy to provide further assistance and advice if you are new to the area. From short-term stays to long-term contracts, why look anywhere else? 
Do you wish to make a reservation? Would you like to learn more about our selection of rooms? Perhaps you simply wish to plan a trip well in advance. Either way, take a moment to choose your coach and contact us directly.