Perfect Apartment

Find the perfect apartment: 3 helpful tips

Finding a new home can be stressful and difficult. When you need to find an apartment, the best option will be the one that fits your lifestyle and budget. Making a decision is hard, and many factors must be considered. These range from the apartment’s location to its size and amenities.

Tips for finding your new home

There are a lot of things to consider when finding an apartment. Here are three tips to help you narrow down the search and find the best home for you.

Find an apartment in the right location

Choosing the right location is important if you are trying to find an apartment. A few things to consider include nearby amenities and convenience. The location should also be close enough to amenities and ways to help you get around. Take time to consider your needs so you can find the right location. 
When looking for an apartment, think about where it is in terms of important things. Look for nearby essentials like supermarkets, sports facilities, entertainment options and other amenities that you value. For families, make sure it is close to schools and places to keep little ones entertained, like playgrounds and parks.  
In Switzerland, about eight out of ten people with jobs are commuters. More than half use a car for their commute. If you are a commuter, you will want a location that has easy access. The apartment should also have convenient parking options, like an on-site garage or nearby public parking. 
Not everyone likes to get around on four wheels. For cyclists, think about whether the apartment has bike storage nearby and if it is linked by bike routes. If you like getting around on foot, consider whether the apartment is within walking distance of amenities. For commuters who prefer public transport, look for nearby bus or train stations. 


Pick the right size and layout

An apartment should fit your lifestyle and your individual needs. You will want a space that can accommodate you and your personal possessions. If you live with family, you will want to find an apartment that also makes your partner or children happy. Think about how you live so that you can choose a home that fits your needs. 
When looking for an apartment, size is important. Look at the floor plan and book a viewing. Imagine yourself in the apartment and assess the size to see if it meets your requirements. For example, think about how many rooms and storage space you need. Along with accommodating your possessions, you will want an apartment with room to grow. 
Along with considering space, look at a potential apartment through a practical lens. Imagine how you will use the space and whether it fits your lifestyle. Ask yourself if the kitchen layout matches how you like to cook, move around and store things, for example. Similarly, consider if there are spaces for you to relax in the way you enjoy. 
If an apartment is serviced, you need to think about what’s included and if the list meets your needs. The amenities should minimise what you need to bring with you or buy once you move. Many serviced apartments include dishware, cookware and other essentials in the kitchen. They also tend to have washing machines in the unit.

Choose an apartment you can afford

In any given month, rent is generally one of the main expenses for many people. When looking for a new apartment, consider how much you can afford. Create a budget with your monthly expenses compared to your income. This will help you understand what apartments are within your budget. Generally, rent should be about a third of your monthly income. 
Rent is not the only financial consideration when you are looking for apartments. When budgeting for a new apartment, it is important to factor in utilities like water and electricity. Other costs include internet and television services. With a comprehensive budget, you can be well-informed and realistic about what is affordable.  
If you find an apartment that is serviced, utilities and services like internet may be included. When considering a serviced apartment, confirm what is included so that you can create an accurate budget. Serviced apartments are also good options if you are renting for only a few months. They avoid, for example, the hassle of setting up new services for short stays. 
Serviced apartments may also help you save money. For example, moving costs are lower since you do not have to bring your furniture. You also avoid spending on new furniture. Serviced apartments with fully equipped kitchens also tend to have everything you need to cook, further reducing costs. This is another reason why they are ideal for short rentals. 

Find an apartment in Zug

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Why choose The Gubelhof Suites?

Whether you're staying a few weeks or several months, everything you need for a comfortable stay is at your fingertips. With inviting living, dining and sleeping areas, every apartment is designed with comfort in mind. 
Each of these luxury units has a washing machine and dryer for maximum convenience. There are fully equipped kitchens for everyday needs. You will also find an outdoor space in the form of a terrace or balcony to relax. Units have working spaces as well, making them ideal for anyone who works remotely. 
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The Gubelhof Suites’ location is hard to beat. Close to shops, restaurants and entertainment, your new apartment is in the heart of Zug. Metalli Shopping Centre and the Zug Promenade are a short walk from The Guelhof Suites. The main train station is just five minutes away on foot. In 25 minutes, trains will whisk you to Zurich and Lucerne. 

Book your stay at The Gubelhof Suites 

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