Why Choose a 2 Bedroom Apartment at The Gubelhof Suites?

Why Choose a 2 Bedroom Apartment at The Gubelhof Suites?

Are you planning a visit to Zug in the near future? If so, accommodations during your stay are obviously important. Countless travellers have already chosen the 2 bedroom apartments offered by The Gubelhof Suites, and for good reason.

We believe that price and quality should always enjoy a hand-in-hand relationship. This is why all our properties have been vetted to the highest standards. Also, the amenities associated with these apartments provide an unrivalled sense of comfort for weary travellers. Let's take a look at some of the other benefits that our two-bedroom apartments have to offer. You will be pleasantly surprised to learn what is in store. Furthermore, making the right decision at the right time will be much easier.

When is a 2 Bedroom Apartment the Most Logical Solution?

There are many reasons why you may wish to visit Zug. Perhaps you intend to enjoy a family holiday. Many also arrive here in Zug for business-related purposes. In fact, Zug is currently home to nearly 27,000 companies. Simply stated, this city offers something for everyone.

It can still be challenging to find the right accommodations. When might a 2 bedroom apartment represent the most pragmatic solution? Answering this question will partially depend upon the number of occupants. You might also wish to designate a separate bedroom for children.

Likewise, business professionals could choose this type of apartment if they will be staying with a co-worker. Even those travelling solo may choose to transform a second bedroom into a work-related area. If space is a concern, it is always wise to consider an apartment with more than a single room.

Although these advantages are likely obvious, other features can make two-bedroom apartments ideally suited for your journey. Let's look at some relevant examples.

More Than Convenience

We are all aware that travelling to an unfamiliar location can sometimes represent a stressful experience. This is even more relevant if you happen to be dealing with substandard accommodations. Thankfully, our 2 bedroom apartments have been engineered with comfort in mind.

Short- and long-term rental options

What if you plan to reside in Zug for an extended period of time? In this case, a larger apartment will often represent the most appropriate solution. You will not feel physically cramped after a long day. Having sufficient space makes it easy to sit back and relax.

Addressing personal needs

Are you an avid yoga practitioner? Do you make it a point to meditate on a daily basis? Perhaps you place a great deal of importance upon being organised. In any of these cases, apartments with a spare bedroom will certainly come in handy.

One room can be devoted to practical purposes, while the other could provide a welcome respite from your daily activities. Either way, the level of flexibility that our two-bedroom suites have to offer cannot be overstated.

Addressing unexpected circumstances

There may also be times when a friend or family member chooses to arrive on short notice. Those who have already rented a one-bedroom apartment will likely be required to perform an upgrade. This can be a costly undertaking, and once again, it presents a logistical challenge.

Opting for a two-bedroom flat helps to take any potential guesswork out of the equation. Even if you happen to remain alone during your stay, you can still enjoy all of the previously mentioned benefits!

What Tangible Benefits Can a 2 Bedroom Apartment at The Gubelhof Suites Offer?

We have already discussed some basic logistical advantages that can be experienced when choosing a 2 bedroom apartment. It is still important to remember that certain properties are more impressive than others. Why has The Gubelhof Suites enjoyed such popularity over the years? What makes our selection of apartments rise head and shoulders above generic solutions?

Bedrooms and much more

The term "2 bedroom apartment" does not do justice to what guests can experience when working with our team. For example, these properties boast a host of additional living spaces, including:

  • A terrace with access to a nearby courtyard
  • A fully equipped kitchen
  • A spacious dining area
  • A bathroom boasting a bath as well as a walk-in shower
  • A comfortable living room

We have gone out of our way to guarantee that your 2 bedroom apartment will provide a luxurious experience.

Modern amenities

Technology has come a long way in recent years. For instance, most hotels are now equipped with free wireless internet access. Our team has taken this notion a step further. Guests can leverage a host of unique amenities, including:

  • Flat-screen digital televisions
  • Electric sun blinds
  • A safe to store their personal items
  • A complimentary washing machine and dryer

When these are combined with solid oak floors and individually styled rooms, it becomes clear that a memorable stay awaits.

Serviced apartments with a flexible itinerary

Finding long-term rentals in Zug can be challenging, particularly those that provide the amenities outlined above. The good news is that we can accommodate both short- and long-term stays. Guests have the ability to reserve a 2 bedroom apartment for various lengths of time.

Those arriving in Zug for a timely holiday might only require a rental for a handful of days. Individuals who will remain here for business purposes could instead stay for more than a month. We are happy to provide solutions for both scenarios.

Ideal for two or more guests

We all desire a bit of personal space, even when vacationing with a family. Our 2 bedroom apartments take this requirement into account. Each property is outfitted with two king-sized beds as well as two individual bathrooms. Thus, up to four guests can be comfortably accommodated.

All Under One (Luxurious) Roof

Note that The Gubelhof Suites offers much more than 2 bedroom apartments alone. Guests can choose from other options, such as home offices and our "Soft Luxury" single-bedroom suites. Simply stated, our property has been designed with flexibility in mind.

Do you wish to learn more about our selection of accommodations? Are you curious to determine the availability of a specific apartment? If so, choose your coach by contacting a customer service representative today. Our boutique hotel aims to please all, so you will not be disappointed with what is in store!