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The Gubelhof Suites: Advantages of a Furnished Apartment in Zug

There are many reasons why you might wish to visit Zug. Perhaps you are arriving here for business purposes. Or, you might simply wish to experience all that this city has to offer. Either way, the selection of furnished apartments in Zug will be a dream come true.

However, what if you are not entirely familiar with this type of accommodation? What are the main differences between a furnished apartment and a standard hotel room? These are two very important questions to answer. Let's now take a closer look.

Why Choose a Furnished Apartment in Zug?

First, it is wise to define the primary characteristics of a furnished apartment in Zug (or anywhere, for that matter). What qualities are associated with this type of rental option? There are several factors that immediately stand out.

These properties are equipped with comfortable furniture so that you can truly relax during your stay. They also provide the distinct feeling of a "home away from home". This is certainly not often the case in terms of a generic hotel room.

However, we are only scratching the surface regarding why the demand for furnished apartments is rising. What other amenities can guests expect to leverage?

These Choices Are Great for Those Who Happen To Procrastinate

Some of us make plans on short notice. Others might instead put off a trip until the last minute in the hopes of finding a money-saving travel deal. In either of these situations, furnished apartments in Zug provide a surprising edge.

Let us assume that you suddenly learn that you must attend a business seminar in Zug. Even if you arrive at short notice, the furnished apartments at The Gubelhof Suites will enable you to adapt within minutes.

All accommodations and resources will be at your immediate disposal, unlike standard hotel rooms. You are provided with the modern amenities that you would expect without being forced to make any additional purchases.

Why Are Furnished Apartments Great for Families?

What if you are arriving in Zug for pleasure as opposed to business? There are countless activities to enjoy here, so why not bring along the entire family? This is yet another reason why our furnished apartments in Zug rise above the competition.

Traditional hotel rooms can be cramped. Others might not be equipped to handle an entire family. The good news is that The Gubelhof Suites offers a host of unique options during your stay. From "Chill Out" rooms to luxurious two-bedroom suites, space is certainly not an issue.

Simply stated, this sense of flexibility would be unrealistic to expect from a generic franchise or boutique hotel. Furthermore, you and your family will have ample time to kick back and relax before experiencing Zug.

Will Furnished Apartments in Zug Accommodate Long-Term Stays?

This is a common question that should be addressed before moving on. Let us imagine that you will be remaining in Zug for a minimum of two months for business-related purposes. It hardly makes sense to choose a hotel due to vacancy policies.

Our furnished apartments in Zug are specifically designed to offer greater flexibility. In fact, some guests remain here for months at a time without sacrificing comfort or convenience.

This can also represent a very cost-effective option. On occasion, hotels may increase rental rates in accordance with the duration of stay. This is to retain their profit margins in the event that a room is occupied for an extended period.

Furnished apartments in Zug offer predictable and transparent rates. Therefore, you know exactly how much you can expect to spend without being surprised by sudden hikes in the future.

Personalised Attention to Detail

Anyone who has ever frequented a budget hotel in the past is well aware that these experiences can be impersonal. This arises from the simple fact that most guests are only staying on a short-term basis.

The team at The Gubelhof Suites strives to provide each and every guest with a highly customised experience. Specific needs can be catered to, and a representative is always standing by in case of questions.

This also helps those who may be arriving in Zug for the first time. When travelling to an unfamiliar city, it always feels nice to have additional support close by. This is another typical hallmark of a furnished apartment.

All About the Creature Comforts

In terms of our furnished apartments in Zug, comfort is king. This is why guests can expect nothing but the most modern amenities and conveniences. Here are some examples of what we offer:

  • High-speed Wi-Fi
  • Concierge services
  • Fully stocked toiletries
  • Linen, towels, robes and slippers
  • Cutting-edge kitchen appliances
  • Daily cleaning and laundry services
  • Private and secure garage parking

This second-to-none attention to detail ensures that all guests feel as if they have truly come home. Of course, additional services are available upon request.

Additional Perks

Furnished apartments in Zug have enjoyed success, thanks to positive feedback and customer reviews. Our properties are much more than just a place to rest your head.

For instance, it is possible to choose suites intended for business purposes. An on-site gym will provide a much-needed boost of energy when required. Guests can even frequent our Kaffee Frech for a hot cup of coffee and a host of tasty treats.

Our staff members are highly knowledgeable in relation to Zug and the surrounding areas. Therefore, we can provide additional sightseeing tips and similar suggestions upon request.

Furnished Apartments in Zug Are Ideal for Relocations

Recent studies have shown that Zug is one of the most popular business-oriented cities in all of Europe (1). As a result, many professionals are choosing to relocate here to further their careers. This is when the furnished apartments at The Gubelhof Suites can play an important role.

Our serviced properties are an excellent way to make the transition into Zug without feeling overwhelmed. You can become acclimated over time rather than being thrust into an entirely new environment. As creature comforts are already present, you will not be required to make any additional purchases.

Of course, our friendly staff will also be happy to provide additional advice so that nothing is left to chance. If you are planning a move to Zug, The Gubelhof Suites is only a phone call away.

Furnished Apartments in Zug: Nothing Is Left to Chance

It is now clear to see why The Gubelhof Suites has become so popular with visitors over the years. Do you have any additional questions? Are you curious to learn more about our selection of furnished suites?

If so, choose your coach and contact one of our team members at The Gubelhof Suites. We will be more than happy to speak with you at greater length.